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I would highly recommend Lysandra Williams to family and friends and anyone for personal training! I've been working out with her for two years and have seen tremendous results. I am currently in the best shape of my life. She is wonderful at listening to your goals and creating a personal plan for you to meet them. She's flexible at coaching and adjusting your workout plan to cater to you. Lysandra is also amazing at accommodating your needs. She understands each person and body is unique and this really shows in the way she trains her clients. She truly cares and it shows in the time and effort she dedicates to you when personal training. 10/10 stars.


Lysandra you are a top notch Coach! I enjoyed coming to your classes and you kept me pushing hard with your positive energy and great music. You go above and beyond to make sure we use great form during our workout and make sure we maximize our potential at every run push. You are truly awesome and outstanding. You walk the walk and talk the talk. Keep up the great work. You are a rockstar coach in every way.


I was never one to enjoy the confines of a gym. I would rather be fishing or hiking; however, I saw a personal need to focus on weight training, and "ugh" was my initial thought. Lysandra has managed to change my perception on the gym setting in many ways. I appreciate her ability to be motivating and inspiring in all of her classes. I could come to a class exhausted, and yet the environment she creates is a natural pick-me-up. Above that, I really appreciate her pushing me to my physical limits because I am always pleasantly surprised, and in turn, grateful. Thank you for not only the motivation, but really the empowerment.‬‬‬